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Try This Cheese Cake Recipe TODAY! Replace This Recipe With Your Method!

16 Ounces Cream Cheese

6 Ounces Of Granulated Sugar

2 Ounces sour Cream

4 Eggs

Flavor Extract (Optional)

For this recipe ensure that your cream cheese is at room temperature, as well as the eggs. In a mixing bowl add cream cheese and sugar. Blend together until the cream cheese and the sugar is completely incorporated and you see no more granules of sugar. This method is also known as the creaming method, so cream the two ingredients together. Then blend in the sour cream. Add eggs one at a time until completely blended into the mixture, repeat for each egg, DO NOT add all the eggs at once and blend. If you want to add vanilla or another extract flavor to the batter now is the time.

Pour this batter into your pan, or ramekin, or pre made shell as you would regularly and bake as you would, this recipe and method is for creating your cheese cake batter. Enjoy!

Chef Denaldo

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