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Taj Mahl Indian Restaurant, Parliament St. Nassau Bahamas

Taj Mahl, Serving Authentic Indian Cuisine, with a fusion of Bahamian and Punjabi Indian flavors. Located within the historic walls of "The Green Shutters Pub." Since 2007, is a family-owned gem nestled In the middle of Historic Downtown Nassau.

Authentic Indian spices Halal Meats & Naans crafted in their traditional tandoor ovens, creating a symphony of flavors that transcending culinary boundaries. Brace yourself for an explosion of diversity as the menu is carefully curated to reveal a captivating array of vegetarian and vegan options that redefine the art of indulgence.

What truly sets Taj Mahal apart is their triumphant trio – three in-house chefs, and culinary maestros direct from the bustling kitchens of New Delhi. Their mastery, combined with the artistry of Taj Mahls' traditional tandoor ovens, transforms every dish into the most sensory & palatable adventure & Experience to the vibrant spirit of India, all within the historic charm of Tah Mahal. Dine @ Taj Mahl Today, where every plate is a canvas, and every bite is a revelation.

Taj Mahal: Where Bahamian and Punjabi vibes collide, and your taste buds embark on an extraordinary journey in a setting steeped in history.

For More Information About Taj Mahl Indian Restaurant, View Menus, Place Orders & Reservations Visit Their Website Below:


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