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Pan Seared Tuna Salad With Mixed Greens, Avocados, Cherry Tomatoes & House Dressing (Recipe & Video)

Its been a while since i made post about anything here! It's been crazy in the world! i hope that like me! most of us stayed safe!

Over the christmas holidays last year, I had th opportunity to cook for a lovely family In Lyford Cay, A Private Gated Community On The Western End Of New Providence Island In The Bahamas. Now just so you know, I love Real Estate & Luxury so when It comes to preparing great meals I seek for Great Experiences. I have worked closely with one Realtor In the past several years, Melissa Wilkinson, she sells and leases Luxury homes In the Bahamas! But i love this so much that I too myself became a Licensed Realtor In The Bahamas, With the Brokerage Firm 'Best Realty Bahamas Limited' & Broker Kirk Inghram. Pretty much if you are into Luxury homes & Chefs Then maybe I can help you, but here is a recipe i'd like to share with you!

Panseared Salmon

First I Start Each Meal I Prepare With the Freshest Ingredients, First Fresh Salmon Steaks Cut Into 8oz Portions, I use my special blend of dry rub, the mix without the brown sugar added, It's Essentially Cajun Seasoning A Blackened Seasoning & Sea Salt. I have a preheated Cast Iron Pan that i have added A Plant Based Butter Too, the reason I dont use regular butter is because it burns too fast, as would olive oil which would burn at an even lower temperature and what i'm trying to achieve is Caramelization, not Burning! (It's A Flavor Building Exercise).

After The Tuna Is Seared Cucumbers Sliced, Avocados Slices, Cherry Tomatoes Cut In Half, Plate It!

House Dressing

For This Dressing I Use, A Reduced Balsamic Vinegar, I usually make my own and I Sweeten It With Brown Sugar, to take away some of the sharp Flavor. Essentially, 1 Equal Part, Of The Following: Reduced Balsamic Vinegar, Hoisin Sauce, BlackBean Sauce, Oyster Sauce, & 2 Parts Of Dijon Mustard. I Finely Chop Ginger & Garlic For Taste. I Emulsify With Olive Oil Until It Gets A Bit Thick, Then Loose It With a Few Drops Of Water. If You Continue wisking Oil Into The Emulsification To Thin It Your Dressing Will Break!

I Hope You Enjoy Making This Recipe AS I Did!


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