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The Set Up

So you plan on having an event with over 100 patrons. Tables, Chairs, Tents... These items might come in handy. But you don't want to wait until the last minute to decide. You already hired a Caterer, your DJ expects his equipment to be secured, your decorator has the design, but for some reason you forgot to secure Tables, Chairs, and Tents.

If you're not having your event at a Hotel, in an Auditorium, or Banquet Hall you would secure these locations first. If your even will be outside then it's certain you will need to be renting supplies, don't wait for the last minute, and if you are renting a location that needs Supplies, maybe the renter can suggest a supplier or has one that they use regularly. Remember there are many locations that fit your criteria don't wait until the last minute, Start planning early.

Check the link below for a list of Party & Rental Supplies Provided by PlayMakers Tent & Party Rental Supplies,

PlayMakers has a webpage on this site.

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