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Choosing A Chef

When you're sick, you visit the Doctor because he is an expert in the field, self-medication might work but what you need is the expertise of a professional. It only makes sense that if you are in need of food Services to consult an expert first. You are about to feed a multitude of persons or simply someone other than yourself. This person or group you are about to feed, is filled with food preferences, allergies, and other concerns that you might or might not be aware of. On top of everything you would like for this to run smoothly for you.

So how do you decide the right person to help you with this process. Here are a few things that you should ask your Chef, but before I begin, you probably found yourself talking to an Event Planner. If this is the case then these concerns should be addressed to that person. Most Event Planners use just one Chef, or a group of Chefs they choose, but the main standard for Event Planners is to make money. And what you are looking for is an expert in food. The best event Planner you are going to work with will have you contact the Chef they use, or give you a list of Chefs they work with, because they understand the importance of what you the client needs, and having that middle person can distort what you the client will receive.

There are different types of Chefs to hire just like Doctors, what you’re looking for can be specific; to you needing Breads, Cakes and Desserts, Culturally Ethnic Foods, etc. Once you know the type of Chef you need then you can look into the experience of the chef, how many years have they done this job and do they have a portfolio any recommendations. A Chef’s portfolio will consist of pictures of the work they have done, even recipes they use, now you might not be able to acquire such recipes but, maybe you are an owner of a restaurant or other foodservice establishment looking for a Chef to create menus and recipes for sale, this too can be possible.

Choosing a chef is not an easy job, you must first know what you want from your Chef have an idea, create a menu, and most of all make sure those you are feeding enjoys the experience.

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