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Island Style Cooking

Island Style Cooking, what exactly is that? How much does it cost? Can i get it in the Bahamas. I'm guessing you can get it on an island, i'm also guessing it should be reasonably priced, but this might not bethe case. On the Island I live locally we can find, Produce, Mutton, Fresh Pork, Poultry (Chicken) and Sea Food in abundance. Anything else needs to be imported. In most cases thoough, when we shop in the commercial markets on the island, we won't find any of these items, and if we do its not constant and the prices might exceed its imported counterpart.

I have found that tomatoes and onions might just be the most farmed crop in the Bahamas, it might also be the most wasted crop as well. If you have travelled to an island like Andros where Farming is or should be the number 1 source of income you would realize the kind of waste that happens when farming takes place, then maybe you would ask yourself why a major Super Market sells the local tomato at nearly 3.00/lb @ times. I myself have tried to understand this dilema but i only come to conclusions like, Corporate, Monopoly, and Capitalists. Nowadays the major Food Stores have been given the opportunity to over price items without repercussions.

This does not mean that we can't eat good at a cost that won't kill you. In this blog i will try to assist persons with finding reasonable food at a price that wont keep you down. On another hand i will also show those of us who enjoy the pleasure of dining out how much you can save by dining in. Here is a start Hire a Chef. Yes we all know someone that works at a restaurant maybe you can start there.

In my next post i will explain how to hire a chef that works for your lifestyle. Sounds expensive but maybe you have been mislead.

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